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Verification System Infrastructure
The TTM300 server side messaging application is a powerful means of releasing organisational product data to field operators without the complexities of Wireless Networking and laptops.
Provided as either a human interfaced web solution or a web service based solution, TTM300 forms the infrastructure required to link serialised manufacturing data with in-field mobile devices or point or use/point of dispense equipment.
When used in conjunction with the TTM200 series mobile phone applications, the TTM300 provides a seamless link between the operator in the field with mobile phone and critical product data held in secure locations within your organisation.

TTM300 Verification Screen

TTM300 Verification Screen

Using industry accepted tools; the TTM300 is able to connect to a variety of database sources using ODBC and directly to SQL Server.  Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework the TTM300 application has successfully passed the Microsoft Platform test.  With the latest addition of native SQL Server support and advanced product data manipulation features, the TTM300 provides the ideal means to not only ascertain the provenance of your products but allow allows their current status to be manipulated in the field without cause for concern over security breaches or malicious attack

Wide scale use of this technology would enable complete supply chains to become significantly more secure.  Reductions in the number of counterfeit product occurrences is a realistic outcome as is simpler identification of goods diversion and insertion, both of which can result in the distribution of illicit goods.

Supports Windows XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, SQL Server 2005/2008 Vista and Windows 7