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Our Mobile Solutions allow in-field item level track and trace and remote inventory inspection to become a reality.
Designed initially for the Series 60 Nokia™ platform, our mobile solutions allow item and case codes, in either linear or complex 2D Data Matrix form, to be read using the camera built in to the mobile phone.
Using proprietary decoding algorithms, licensed to Melior Solutions and then incorporated into a new an ingenious range of products, our mobile solutions provide an ideal answer to the problem of remote code reading and data collection/verification.

Melior TTM205

TTM205 & Nokia Mobile

Wide scale use of this technology would enable complete supply chains to become significantly more secure. Reductions in the number of counterfeit product occurrences is a realistic outcome as is simpler identification of goods diversion and insertion, both of which can result in the distribution of illicit goods.
Available to operate using either SMS technology or mobile internet, TTM205 is a highly practical solution to the challenges presented by remote, in-field product verification.

Key Benefits

  • Uses Nokia™ Series 60 mobile phone hardware OS Rel 2.6, 2.8 and now Rel 3
  • Allows linear and Data Matrix codes to be read using the camera built into the phone
  • Processes the code using proprietary software installed on the phone
  • Allows the data in the code to be displayed on the phone screen
  • Uses SMS or mobile Internet technology
  • Provides a versatile means to transfer the data held in the code to a central server using either SMS or GPRS technology
  • Server side applications such as the TTM300 are available to provide fully integrated solutions