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TTM100 is a complete software solution for the management and distribution of pack level unique codes.
Many industries today face the often daunting challenge of fitting and retro-fitting production lines with systems able to apply unique serialised codes to item packaging. Pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations face increased pressure in terms of patient safety demands, regulatory requirements and potential product liability mitigation. All of these factors are known to be improved through the application of serialised codes to unit of sale packs. Together with existing overt and covert security techniques, pack serialisation can provide the necessary information to support track and trace systems, end to end verification systems and ePedigree.

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Designed to be line specific and fully autonomous, TTM100 is an ideal system for integrating existing capital equipment such as code printers and code reader/verifiers and providing a seamless and consistent serial number management solution

Successfully used during the EFPIA product verification pilot in Sweden, TTM100 is a complete software solution for the management and distribution of pack level unique codes (serial numbers). Able to accept serial numbers from external sources or internally generated, TTM100 manages the whole process of number generation/receipt, on-line printer communication, on-line code verification and reject handling. TTM100 is able to interface with major ERP systems using a built-in facility to

automatically provide formatted reports upon receipt of instructions from the ERP or host system with no requirement for manual intervention. TTM100 is able to communicate with the leading packing coding devices for printed code application and a wide range of inline vision and code reading devices. Basic installations can be conducted in a Melior Solutions TTM100Amatter of hours once the various hardware items have been installed and configured.

One of the issues when considering the implementation of a Pack Serialisation System is the ease with which it can be integrated into new and existing lines, how it will co-exist with an existing IT infrastructure and how easily it can either generate the serial codes for you or be used in conjunction with a wider enterprise level serial number generation system.
Download a copy of the TTM100 Brochure (PDF) here.