Customer Solutions

At the core of our business is a software and IT based consultancy offering a depth of skill and knowledge across primarily supply chain, package coding and manufacturing control.

Our experience with the healthcare, pharmaceutical and FMCG markets provides us with a unique ability to assess projects and objectives to enable us to help you specify, design, develop IT solutions for your business.

Recently Melior Solutions was involved, on a consultancy basis, with the prestigious EFPIA product verification pilot conducted in and around Stockholm Sweden. Melior Solutions worked with a group of highly motivated and skilled industry representatives to provide the requirements specification for the pilot, assisted with the vendor selection and finally with the system testing, rollout and subsequent data analysis and verification.

In addition, we have also worked with:

  • Domino Printing Sciences (UK) – working with their IS group – IT and software advisor.
  • BRIDGE – European business application project assessing traceability within a pharmaceutical supply chain. Melior Solutions adopted the role of Technical Direction for this project.
  • Spirits Bar (Wales) – Assisting with the design (also eventual supply) of an RFID system for use in conjunction with the cellar systems the details of which are covered by NDA and thus cannot be discussed in greater detail.