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Jan 2010: EFPIA Pilot completes.
After an operational phase over over four months in and around the Stockholm area of Sweden, the EFPIA pilot has completed successfully.  Melior Solutions was deeply involved with this pilot and worked closely with many learned industry representatives to ensure a thorough specification, vendor selection and project implemtation. More information about the EFPIA pilot can be found on the EFPIA website


Managing and registering the application of unique codes to packs and items.

Primarily fronted by the Melior Solutions TTM100 range of products, this exciting new area is set to witness major expansion within the coming five years.  TTM100 has already proven itself during the BRIDGE project, the 2006 Irish Haemophillia Trial and more recently during the EFPIA pilot in Sweden.

Serialisation allows product to be verified and potentially tracked.  The difference between the simpler (but still complex) verification scenario and tracking/tracing is primarily focussed on the need to aggregation (pool) smaller packed items into larger packed items (i.e. packs into cases, cases into pallet) and to record a hierarchy for each packed unit.  Whether the requirement is for unit item serialisation or aggregation, a TTM100 solution is available.

Serialisation solutions should do more than simply code and verify, they should:
  • Integrate where possible with higher order systems.
  • They should allow image designs to be linked with products
  • They should ensure that jobs started have the correct batch and expiry information associated with them prior to start
  • They should provide the ability to produce reports, check on system status, monitor and record user activity

Above all else, they should be simple to use and reliable in operation