September, 2010


Jan 2010: EFPIA Pilot completes. After an operational phase over over four months in and around the Stockholm area of Sweden, the EFPIA pilot has completed successfully.  Melior Solutions was deeply involved with this pilot and worked closely with many learned industry representatives to ensure a thorough specification, vendor selection and project implemtation.

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Microsoft Gold

Melior Solutions has been awarded the highest partnership level with Microsoft – Gold Certified Partner. To achieve this award, Melior Solutions had to test at least one ‘off the shelf’ product in accordance with a Microsoft test platform and was required to undertake a Microsoft sponsored customer satisfaction survey. The results from the survey were outstanding in terms of customer satisfaction and also provided some very valuable feedback to assist us with our growth plans. Our thanks are extended to all those who took part.

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TTM100 is a complete software solution for the management and distribution of pack level unique codes. Many industries today face the often daunting challenge of fitting and retro-fitting production lines with systems able to apply unique serialised codes to item packaging. Pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations face increased pressure in terms of patient safety demands, regulatory […]

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Our Mobile Solutions allow in-field item level track and trace and remote inventory inspection to become a reality.

Designed initially for the Series 60 Nokia™ platform, our mobile solutions allow item and case codes, in either linear or complex 2D Data Matrix form, to be read using the camera built in to the mobile phone. Using proprietary decoding algorithms, licensed to Melior Solutions

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Verification System Infrastructure The TTM300 server side messaging application is a powerful means of releasing organisational product data to field operators without the complexities of Wireless Networking and laptops. Provided as either a human interfaced web solution or a web service based solution, TTM300 forms the infrastructure required to link serialised manufacturing data with in-field […]

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